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Stock Abbreviation : 长鸿高科

SHANGHAI Stock Number : 605008

SEBS Downstream Applications

Product Use:

Widely used in coating materials (such as wires and cables, toothbrush handles, etc.), wires, and toys, floor covering materials (such as plastic runways, yoga mats, etc.) and disposable infusion tubes, blood bags, medical human surgery teaching models, medical equipment such as underarm crutches and arm rests.

Product Features:

Does not contain unsaturated double bonds, has good temperature resistance, excellent aging resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, good solubility, blending properties and excellent oil-filling properties. Processing properties are similar to SBS, and the scrap can be repeated use.Environmental protection, non-toxic, meet FDA requirements,lighter specific gravity.The same weight can produce more volume products.

The Downstream Application

Toothbrush Handle

Plastic Runway


Medical Equipment

Wire Rod

Wire and Cable

Yoga Mat

Wire Rod

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